34 Scores For Piano, Organ, Harpischord & Celeste Coming Soon

One Litte Indian announced the pre-order of the highly anticipated book of scores. Björk has been working on it together with the piano player Jonas Sen since 2007. Advanced copies will be sold during her next show in Los Angeles on 19th May at Walt Disney Concert Hall. M/M Paris have cured the design and a new kind of typo for the notes in collaboration with Notengrafik Berlin.

Created in collaboration with longtime pianist and collaborator Jonas Sen, design house M/M (Paris) and engraver Werner Wolff, the scorebook expands the possibilities of traditional notation using unique, custom fonts and artwork and a triple-layer approach devised by Björk and Sen.

“These arrangements all began with my first tour with Björk in 2007 and 2008, where I played several different keyboard instruments in the band,” says Sen. “In some songs I would play an organ, in another a celeste, piano or harpsichord. The idea came to create a solo instrument version of several songs that could easily be written in notation for different keyboard instruments most in line with the character of each song.

“There are three levels to these keyboard arrangements. In one we simply transcribed the songs from the original to the keyboard. In the next level we arranged them so they sound different from the originals, yet convincing for the keyboard instrument in question. In the third level I created a variation of the original song, much like classical composers create variations on a theme. On the third level the songs are radically different from the original, almost like they are new compositions.”

M/M (Paris) collaborated with Björk to create a completely new and unprecedented notation system and bespoke fonts to present the songs to the exact specifications prepared by Björk and Sen. Engraver Werner Wolff consulted with the artist to articulate these groundbreaking designs for the page.

“The design by M/M (Paris) goes beyond what standard notation programs can achieve,” says Wolff. “To guarantee a consistent look of shapes, colours and spacing, the music engraving was dependent on tool support. Notengrafik Berlin was challenged to evaluate multiple alternative approaches, extending and complementing software to make sure the unique design that premiered in the Björk Biophilia app could be translated to the layout of the printed songbook.”

34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpshicord and Celeste will also feature a specially bound, wraparound cover and completely custom design, a singular companion piece to Björk’s creative output.

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